Team Coaching

Highly collaborative and performing Teams are the vital component of any successful business. Team Coaching is designed to address and resolve any factors that limit Team cohesion, communication, creativity and collaboration, bringing about sustainable change.

Using the Core Energy Coaching™ process, a Team’s fundamental strengths and development areas are explored, inclusive of the Team’s roles and relationships and Team buy-in is generated for an improvement-focused plan of action.

Our Team Coaching Services
Your Team learns how to shift core energy, releasing unlimited skill and potential…

Core Energy Coaching™ empowers Teams to…

  • Cultivate and sustain a motivating, engaged corporate culture.
  • Develop sustainable collaboration, communication and cohesion.
  • Maximise creative problem-solving and decision-making ability.
  • Increase productivity and performance effectiveness.
  • Elevate their Team’s wellness.

Team Coaching Journey

Your Team Coaching Journey begins with a 30-minute complimentary Discovery Session with Your Team’s Leader and subsequent chargeable 15-minute Discovery Sessions with each of Your Team Members: designed to enable us to learn about and connect with each member of Your Team, determine Your Team’s desired outcomes and focus areas and create an impactful Team Coaching Agreement and Contract.

Team Coaching Contracts are normally a minimum of 3 months, inclusive of a scheduled number of 60-minute Coaching Sessions per month, for an agreed charge.
Team Coaching typically includes coaching for Your Team’s Leader and optional individual coaching for Your Team.

Team Coaching Contracts are created with each Team’s required outcomes and work schedule in mind and thus this structure may vary.

Your Team’s bespoke Team Coaching Journey starts off with the recommended option of your Team Leader and Team Members taking our online Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching), which we are certified to deliver – and which will provide Your Team with clarity on how it responds in different situations (non-stressful and stressful) and assist Your Team in identifying techniques to respond in a more empowering, engaged way. Our Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ can also be taken at the conclusion of Your Team’s Coaching Journey, to enable review of Your Team’s development.