Personal Coaching
Core Energy Coaching™ (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) is a unique ‘inside-out’ personalized development process, during which an impactful ‘thinking partnership’ is crafted between Yourself and Your Personal Coach. This partnership, with You leading the way, enables You to identify and connect with Your core purpose and passion and by aligning this with Your goals, achieving powerful, sustained change in Your life!
Core Energy Coaching™ is highly transformational and beneficial for anyone who wants to move to the next-level version of themselves!

Our Personal Coaching Services
Learn how to shift Your core energy, releasing Your unlimited skill and potential….
Core Energy Coaching™ (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) is a transformational experience, which enables You to gain clarity as to who You really are (values, beliefs, strengths) and how to choose authentic, empowering thoughts, feelings and actions within the myriad of life and work situations which You face.

Core Energy Coaching™
Empowers You to discover opportunities when others see problems and see what’s right instead of what’s wrong. Transform possibilities into realities and move past limiting beliefs. Connect with Your unlimited potential, enabling You to accomplish whatever You set Your mind to, providing You with the ability to achieve what You truly desire in life.

Your Coaching Journey…

Begins with a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session: designed to enable us to learn about and connect with You, determine Your desired outcomes and focus areas and create an impactful Coaching Partnership and Contract.

Coaching Contracts are typically a minimum of 3 months, inclusive of a scheduled number of 60-minute Coaching Sessions per month, for an agreed charge. Coaching Contracts are created with Your specific desired outcomes and work / life schedule in mind and thus this structure may vary.

Your personally curated Coaching Journey starts off with the recommended option of taking our online Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching), which we are certified to deliver – and which will provide You with clarity on how You show up in different situations (non-stressful and stressful) and assist You in identifying techniques to respond in a more self-empowering way. Our Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ can be taken at the conclusion of Your Coaching Journey, to enable review of Your personal development.